Storytelling 101

Shorting Tesla. Junior vs. Senior. Big tech as a force for good.

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Compound skills” make you more effective at anything you do. They include:

  • Writing.

  • Selling.

  • Speaking.

  • Storytelling.

The last point is arguably the most important one—if you’re interested in a masterclass, look no further than Dave Chappelle:

He uses pacing, tone and connects disparate stories into an overarching theme for a satisfying payoff.

Keep your audience engaged by weaving these tactics into your next presentation and/or pitch.

Shorting Tesla

Here’s a fun exercise.

Take the current valuation of Tesla and divide it by the total number of cars it has ever produced. It comes out to $600,000 per car.

Do the same exercise for Toyota (over the last ten years), and you get $20,000.

That doesn’t mean shorting Tesla is a good idea. In fact, it’s a horrible one.

Tesla shorts have lost a whopping $35 billion this year.

But, that’s not stopping Michael Burry from betting against the company.

Christian Bale played Burry in The Big Short. He was the physician turned hedge-fund manager who was one of the only people that saw the 2008 financial crisis coming. He made a personal profit of $100 million by betting against the housing market.

Here’s the scene from The Big Short, when he decides to short the housing market:

Junior vs. Senior

What separates junior professionals from senior executives?

Here’s what Todd Mckinnon (CEO of Okta, former SVP of Engineering at Salesforce) thinks:

Big Tech: A Force for Good

I’ve already told you why breaking up big tech is a bad idea, but, this week I got more compelling evidence.

Alphabet is often criticized for spending roughly $5 billion a year on its other bets (Waymo, Google Fiber, DeepMind, etc.) However, the payoff for any one of these bets could be in the hundreds of billions.

Thanks to Google’s ability to pour unlimited resources into DeepMind, the company recently made a gigantic leap in solving protein structures.

What are the real-world implications of this?

DeepMind’s A.I. software Alphafold can predict the structure that proteins will fold into, determining their function. Nearly all diseases, including cancer and dementia, are related to how proteins function.

Google might be the company that cures cancer. Stop hating on big tech!

More Competiton for Tesla

I’m not a huge car guy, but I was stunned by the beauty of the new Mercedez EQS concept car.

You can watch an interview with the chief designer below:

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